Corey Dargel (b. 1977) is a Texas-born, Brooklyn-based composer, writer, and singer whose gentle assault on pop and classical idioms creates a tension that pervades his music. Deadpan and detached vocals reveal heartbreaking intimacies, awkward and obtrusive drum patterns struggle against fragile harmonies, vocals and music uneasily opposing each other as songs stumble to their ends. The New Yorker calls him “a baroquely unclassifiable” composer of “ingenious nouveau art songs.” Salon praises his songs’ “rococo ingenuity” and “sustained bursts of lyrical brilliance,” and Gramophone magazine claims he has “a compositional sense guaranteed to keep close listeners on their toes.” Dargel has released two solo albums on New Amsterdam, Other People’s Love Songs (2008) and Someone Will Take Care of Me (2010). The earlier project is performed with NOW Ensemble and has been called “ingenious” by The New Yorker. Someone Will Take Care of Me is a double-CD, featuring performances by the classical chamber group International Contemporary Ensemble, David T. Little (drums), and Kathleen Supové (piano), comprised of song cycles adapted from Dargel’s acclaimed music-theater pieces, Thirteen Near-Death Experiences and Removable Parts. Thirteen Near-Death Experiences premiered at Performance Space 122 in New York in May 2009, hailed by Time Out New York as “quite possibly a life-changing event. Removable Parts, winner the 2007 New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Performance-Art Production, was called “almost perversely pleasurable… with an intelligent grace that is as moving as it is impressive” by The New York Times. Both music-theater pieces feature stage direction by Emma Griffin and choreography by Yvan Greenberg. He recently gave performances at Merkin Concert Hall as part of the Tribeca New Music Festival, Baryshnikov Arts Center, The Kitchen, and the Brooklyn Museum.